Programs and Services

Our Programs and Services

The Garden Foundation’s programs are designed and customized to fit the needs of each individual. Just like you and I each have different skills, goals and interests, so do our clients!

We're building a foundation and planting seeds that inspire independence and cultivate growth. These seeds build self-confidence, assist in achieving developmental milestones and allow life to be lived in FULL bloom.

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Day Program

Our day program is designed to be a multi-dimensional, life-enrichment program. Each client based on their unique abilities and goals will partake in exercises and activities that suit their interests, increase inclusion, develop their skill set and be immersed in our community.

The day program hours are as follows:
Monday- Friday 12:30pm-4:3opm




Community Outings

Life Skills



Community Service

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Family Concierge

The transition from the school system to adulthood for a loved one with a disability can be very difficult for families. What programs are available? What funding is my loved one eligible for? Who do I turn to for resources? These are common questions that our family concierge will be able to go over with you. Set up a meeting time or a phone call and allow our experts to assist you in getting your questions answered. We will help you find the best programs and plan of action to meet the needs of you and your loved one.

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Community Internships

The Garden Foundation's internship program is unlike any other in Las Vegas. Rather than job placement in various industries deemed 'appropriate' for those with special needs, we meet with the client to find out what THEIR interests are!

I've had choices in what I study, where I work and what I do. We should all have equal opportunities to do so! Does your loved one enjoy doing hair? We will partner with a local salon where they are able to shadow a stylist, assist where is needed, learn great communication skills and receive a mentor. Does your loved one have an interest in cars? Let us partner with a mechanic in town to show them the ropes. This gives our clients first-hand experience in a career of their choice while they are able to enjoy the work that they do. The skills learned, relationships made and confidence built is truly invaluable. The possibilities for career options are endless and so are the abilities of our clients.