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Helping those with special needs

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Our Mission

The Garden Foundation is a non-profit organization serving those with disabilities in the city of Las Vegas. Our goal is to support and enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing a place of education, inspiration, independence and inclusion.!

The Garden Foundation is not a one-size-fits-all program. We believe and practice person-centered-planning and therefore provide a customized experience to meet the needs of each client and their family. Every person we serve has their own interests, skills, needs and goals and should have choices in what they do. We strive to help each individual reach their full potential, whatever that may be!!

Unique Programs Personalized for your Loved One

The Garden Foundation offers unique programs that are based on your loved one’s specific goals and needs, empowering each individual to reach their full potential.!

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GROW Program

We are MORE than a Day Program. Our GROW Program is educationally based while incorporating personalized goals, vocational training, recreational classes and even social outings. Our GROW Program provides a safe environment for clients to learn, explore, have some fun and build lasting friendships!

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Community Internships

Our unique internship program opens new doors for our clients, giving them hands-on experience in a career of their choice while exploring their interests and doing work that excites them!

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Dig It! Coffee Co.

Our clients are serving kindness and caffeine through the Las Vegas community with our mobile coffee shop! While learning communication skills, customer service and financial reasoning, our clients are serving smiles and seriously good cups of coffee!

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Boxes of Sunshine

Our clients lovingly package and ship beautiful gift boxes to brighten your day and inspire you to spread some sunshine!

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Service Saturday

We are doing our part in helping to make Las Vegas a better place. Through monthly community service projects that support those in need, our clients are growing by giving back!

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Take a look at what parents and families saying about The Garden Foundation. THIS is why we do what we do.

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What Makes The Garden Foundation Different?

A Fresh Approach Rooted in Fun and Fulfillment

We are setting a new bar for personalized services, lifelong learning, and an inclusive community. Our goal is to support and enhance the lives of our clients by providing unique experiences that foster growth, independence, and friendships.!

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Smaller by Design

Our 1:1 to 1:3 staff-to-client ratios enable us to focus on each individual client and their goals.

Our approach in action: Our program partner; SpeakEasy Therapy also works one-on-one and within small groups on speech and occupational therapy within various activities of our GROW Program

Person-Centered Planning

We strive to help each individual reach their full potential based on their unique interests, skills, and goals.

Our approach in action: One of our clients has a talent for character voices so we helped him enroll in his first voice acting class to explore his passion and cultivate confidence.

Broadening Horizons

We believe extraordinary things can happen when our clients are given the nourishment to grow.

Our approach in action: Within our Community Internship Program one of our clients is learning the foundational skills of videography through film, editing, and production.


Each of our members make The Garden Foundation a truly special place where smiles are contagious, laughter is plentiful, and unconditional love radiates from every corner.

We are eternally grateful to serve clients who have so much to teach us about acceptance, joy, and pushing the limits of what is possible.


My 24-year-old daughter with special needs has participated in many programs through the years, but the Garden Foundation is the only one that checks all the boxes.

Not only do they help her with skills needed in the workplace, but they also focus on her emotional well-being. Since beginning the program I have seen my daughter's self-confidence and overall happiness increase.

Taylor and her amazing staff truly care about each individual and accept them for who they are. I am so thankful that we have found The Garden Foundation!

- Staci McCarthy

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