Programs and Services

Our Programs and Services

Our GROW Program for adults is designed to foster enrichment and lifelong learning while celebrating each client’s unique abilities.

From music lessons to science projects to vocational training, the GROW Program activities provide a fun and welcoming environment for clients to explore new interests, master new skills, and build lasting friendships.

We’re planting seeds that inspire independence and cultivate growth. From these seeds bloom greater self-confidence, new developmental milestones, and richer, fuller lives.

The GROW program welcomes adults age 18 and older.

Our program hours are Monday - Friday 12:30pm-4:30pm.

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More than a Day Program

We’re MORE than a Day Program. Smaller by design and person-centered, the pillars and focus of the The Garden Foundation are all encompassed in our GROW Program

G - Giving Back

R - Recreation

O - Occupation

W - Wellness

G- Giving Back

Community Service is a BIG piece of what we do here at TGF! Being a non-profit organization, people do a lot of really GREAT things for us! TGF does our part to make that go allll the way around and serve the community in ways that we can! From making blankets and delivering to a homeless shelters to shopping for food to feed to abandoned and rescued farm animals. Do you have a service project that The Garden Foundation could get involved in? Click here!

R- Recreation

When young adults with *different abilities* leave or graduate from the school system their main source of friendship, activity and social recreation are gone. TGF gives these young adults the opportunity to continue learning and growing through recreational classes! Dance, science, tae kwon do, cooking, art, music and MORE give TGF students the opportunity to have some FUN and gain fulfillment.

O- Occupation

The enrichment of life through work increases self-esteem, self-confidence, purpose and fulfillment. By teaching life skills and vocational training we encourage the individual to reach their full potential. Serving the community through an occupation, even within a supported environment gives value and purpose as they share their gifts with others. At TGF we focus on abilities, not disabilities and capitalize on individual strengths to promote inclusive and professional competency.

W- Wellness

Wellness encompasses the entire lifestyle of an individual. At TGF we offer a well-rounded program to encourage the full potential of each person’s mind, body and social wellbeing. Contribution, friendship, recreation, self-care, self-esteem, purpose and value are all practiced within TGF for complete and optimal wellness.

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Here are a few of the things that make our GROW Program so special:

EVERYONE is Welcome

The Garden Foundation’s GROW Program serves clients of every ability level with the support they need to flourish and thrive.

We welcome verbal and nonverbal alike, those who are highly independent alongside those who might need a little extra help.

At The Garden Foundation, we ensure that every person is empowered to bloom to their full potential.

Person-Centered Planning Focused on Goals

When your loved one joins The Garden Foundation, our first priority is understanding their specific goals so that we can ensure the program meets their unique needs.

Want to work on following directions, social skills, using sign language, money handling or identifying sight word cards? These are skills we’ll focus on each week to help your family member continue growing.

Our small staff-to-client ratios allow us to tailor activities to each client’s abilities, strengths and challenges so that everyone is participating and learning in their own way.

SpeakEasy Therapy is also a program partner of The Garden Foundation! This means, our young adults have the opportunity to receive Speech and Occupational Therapy from SpeakEasy’s licensed therapists WITHIN our GROW Program. This is of no extra charge, just an added value to help our young adults, reach their FULL potential.

Vocational Skills and Development

Our vocational training programs empower individuals at every level to develop and practice new skills, and are a favorite among clients, staff, and volunteers.

This is where our personalized approach truly shines, allowing everyone to participate in a broad range of activities and shared growth.

In our signature training programs Dig It! Coffee Co. and our Boxes of Sunshine, clients master everything from packaging gift boxes, to pouring coffee, to customer service skills. Additionally, we incorporate advanced activities, such as mock interviews and resume workshops, for our clients who are interested in pursuing employment.

Building Relationships and True Community

There are no strangers at The Garden Foundation! From the moment you walk through the doors, everyone is welcomed with big smiles and open hearts.

Our clients are not only growing relationships with each other, our staff, and our volunteers; they are connecting with people all around Las Vegas through our community service programs, group outings, Dig It! Coffee Co., and special events.

Giving Back Through Community Service

We believe strongly that everyone can spread kindness and make the world a better place for all, which is why we’ve made giving back and community service a core part of our program with our Service Saturday projects.

Here are a list of our classes that help our students to GROW!

  • Dance
  • Science
  • Art
  • Engineering
  • Fitness
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Singing
  • Technology
  • Cooking
  • Sign Language
  • ...and more!


Our GROW program is designed to be a multi-dimensional, life-enrichment program. Each client based on their unique abilities and goals will partake in exercises and activities that suit their interests, increase inclusion, develop their skill set and be immersed in our community.

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Dig It! Coffee Co.

Serving Kindness and Caffeine while Growing a More Inclusive Community

From business offices, schools, fitness studios to various special events, The Garden Foundation clients serve delicious coffee and beautiful flowers through the Dig It! Coffee Co. training program.

Strengthening Skills

Through our mobile locations and training program, our clients learn valuable skills, including communication, financial reasoning, self-confidence and customer service. TGF clients also have the opportunity to receive their very own health cards from the Southern Nevada Health District.

Members of all ability levels love participating in this program to be an active part of their community and bring joy to everyone they meet.

Strengthening the Community

Beyond enjoying a seriously GOOD cup of coffee, Dig It! Coffee Co. gives customers a unique opportunity to see and embrace our clients in a whole new way.

The feedback at events never ceases to amaze us and the delight on our customers’ and clients’ faces make this program truly special for everyone involved.

Dig It! University.



Expanding Horizons and Growing Passionate Professionals

The Garden Foundation's internship program is truly one of a kind. Unlike traditional models that limit opportunities to the industries and positions deemed “appropriate” for people with disabilities, our goal is to focus on abilities and find the perfect match for each client’s passion.

This gives our clients first-hand experience in a career of their choice while exploring their interests and doing work that excites them.

We were all granted the freedom to choose what to study, where we work, and what we do. And The Garden Foundation believes everyone should have this same opportunity!

Completely Personalized

We tailor each internship to the passions and skillsets of the individual client to design a customized program in partnership with an expert in their field.

If your loved one has a flair for hair, we’ll partner with a local salon so they can shadow a stylist, assist with day-to-day work, learn great communication skills, and receive a mentor. Our current interns are working and growing in fields from video production to voice acting. Every person is unique and the possibilities are endless.

True Skill Mastery

Our internships for adults with disabilities go far beyond simply shadowing for a day or assembly line tasks. Clients play an active role in the teams they join and cultivate valuable skills to help them achieve independence and enrich the community by sharing their gifts.

Each curriculum is designed to strengthen clients’ skills in their chosen field, while growing their confidence and expanding their horizons.

Goal Setting, Milestones, and Check-ins

As with any internship, we focus on concrete progress and development. We have built-in check-ins with each client and their community mentor to assess strengths, challenges, and goals to ensure continued growth.

Our team, our partners, and our clients’ families are continually in awe of the evolution we see in each client as they are given the support and opportunity to flourish.

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Video Production Whiz

Grant is a member of The Garden Foundation’s internship program with a passion for video. Through his internship with a local video production company, Mojica Media, he is learning the foundational skills of videography through film, editing and production.

At his latest Internship Assessment Meeting, Mojica Media shared, “Grant has a lot of natural ability behind the camera and we’re seeing great progress with the time he has put in!”

Check out the testimonial from Grant and his mom, Lynda on what The Garden Foundation’s Community Internship Program has done for them. Click here

Voice Acting Extraordinaire

Aaron is a client at The Garden Foundation and has an enormous talent for voice work. He recently enrolled in his first ever voice acting workshop and blew everyone away with his mastery for character voices!