Service Saturday

Giving Back Through Community Service

We believe strongly that everyone can spread kindness and make the world a better place for all, which is why we’ve made giving back and community service a core part of our program with our Service Saturday projects.!

One Saturday every month, clients, volunteers, and members of The Garden Foundation community all come together to spread joy where it’s needed most.!

Supporting the Community

!Whether it’s making Kindness Kits with toiletry supplies for local homeless shelters, planting community gardens, or crocheting hats for children with cancer, our clients are helping to improve the Las Vegas community.

Fostering Inclusiveness

!Our monthly service projects are an opportunity for both our clients and members of the Las Vegas community to embrace each other, recognize shared similarities, and open our hearts to people from all backgrounds and with all abilities. Want to join us as a volunteer?
Click here to apply !

Have a Need? We`d Love to Help!

!Does your organization have a project you need help with? Get in touch and we’ll see if we can help! We’ll bring plenty of smiles along with us :)