Love for The Garden Foundation

Nothing makes our hearts happier than seeing and hearing the impact The Garden Foundation is having on our clients’ lives! Check out what our clients’ families have shared about their experience with our foundation.


We were so fortunate to find The Garden Foundation! When we got the call to do the interview and see if the program would meet our daughter Kiana’s needs, we were welcomed with such warm, heartfelt people that I almost thought “pinch me”.

We were told that many programs wouldn’t be able to accommodate her needs and in previous programs she didn’t get a lot of the one-on-one support and focus on her goals that she gets at The Garden Foundation. One-on-one focus on her goals.

What we like most about The Garden Foundation is to know that she’s coming to a place where everyone really cares for her, where she has fun, and we can tell she’s really thriving. She’s so excited to show us what she’s done each day and she talks about her friends when she comes home.

The Wagner Family

The Garden Foundation has been the biggest blessing in our family’s life. My son, Aaron who is 19 and has autism has attended the Garden Foundation for the past 8 months.

In those 8 months, Aaron has developed friendships, learned to play the guitar, obtained his health card for “Blooms and Brew”, participated in community service projects, and so much more.

Taylor and her staff are amazing. They accept Aaron for who he is and embrace his skills and talent. He is currently working on voice acting which will hopefully lead to employment. Taylor listens to her clients as to what type of employment they want, and not just what is available. Having a young adult with autism is tough, having a loving a caring place to send my son has been a huge blessing”

Sarah Limbaugh

“I love The Garden Foundation and what it’s done for our daughter, Jenni. Jenni is shy, withdrawn and the word motivated has never been in our vocabulary when describing her.

She loves the afternoons that she attends there. She’s happy, she cooperates as I get her ready to go, she smiles and she enjoys herself.

The Garden Foundation meets the clients' individual needs, prepares what the family asks to have worked on, and she fits in.
This is a happy place for Jenni to thrive and the look on her face when we drop her off and pick her up says it all.

Sarah Limbaugh

“My 24-year-old daughter with special needs has participated in many programs through the years, but the Garden Foundation is the only one that checks all the boxes.

Not only do they help her with skills needed in the workplace, but they also focus on her emotional well-being.
Since beginning the program I have seen my daughter's self-confidence and overall happiness increase.

Taylor and her amazing staff truly care about each individual and accept them for who they are. I am so thankful that we have found The Garden Foundation!”

Staci McCarthy

“It’s so wonderful to have an organization like The Garden Foundation that are really focused on that transition age going into adulthood. It’s been really wonderful as a parent to see him so excited and proactive and wanting to learn....” “This has been a real growth process for Grant. There’s really a structure to this program and we’re so grateful to Taylor Gardner, The Garden Foundation and Anthony (from Mojica Media), for really investing their time in our family and Grant’s future, for him to be successful.”

Grant: ‘I look forward to this every Friday, it’s so fun coming here’